Re: Summer 2016: “Marco?”



Summer is upon us, the nose coat and suntan oil are out, the beach blankets are spread, and the roadways are crowded with traffic headed to the nearest pool, lake or beach. Along with the hot weather comes this issue’s cool writing from:  Michael Agugom, Joshua Aaron Crook, Molly Fisk, Vernita Hall, Catherine Harnett, Claire Hopple, Lauren Krouse, Lis Anna-Langston, Helen Laser, Catherine Orlando, Simon Perchik, Jon Sindell and Cathy Warner

Sean Finucane Toner

Image of switchboard operator from the 1930s

[Refer: The top image illustrates the first piece in our Summer 2016 issue, a poem by Molly Fisk titled “First Night of No Billy.” Image by USFWS.]

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