Re: Winter 2015, Our Happy Solstice Issue!

We here at Referential wish to add to the seasonal celebrations with fourteen rollicking pieces. Please enjoy our Winter 2015 issue with work by Kathleen Alcalá, Ellen P. Bloomenstein, Susan Gundlach, Monica Hileman, James Kincaid, Gahl Liberzon, Peter McEllhenney, Michael Northen, Helen Park, Simon Perchik, Nancy Powichroski Sherman and Enid Shomer. May your celebrations be many.


Sean Finucane Toner

Image of switchboard operator from the 1930s

[Refer: The top image illustrates the first piece in the Winter 2015 issue, a story by Enid Shomer titled “Stony Limits,” which appears in the anthology The Female Complaint (Shade Mountain Press). Image by Joshua Zader.]

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