Re: Winter 2014, or The Brief and Transcendent Issue

Greetings on this Winter Solstice, and hoping these eight works of prose and poetry illuminate this shortest of daylights.

Our Winter Issue this year features work that delves into transcendence in one form or another, whether it be through God or nature, love or sex, literature or art, family or quiet contemplation. We hope you are brightened and uplifted by our writers and their art.

In order of appearance we offer flickers of wisdom from Rachel Simon, Kathryn Trueblood, Robert Sabo, Martha Anne Toll, Vincent Tomeo, Douglas K. Currier, Judith G. Zalesne, and JB Mulligan.

May your season be festive!

Sean Finucane Toner

Image of switchboard operator from the 1930s

[Refer: The top image illustrates the first piece in the Winter 2014 issue, an essay by Rachel Simon titled “The Bells of God.”]

Image by Paul K. Everett

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