Re: Summer 2014…or…The Gift Registry Issue

Summer weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries require the right gifts. And while toaster ovens, ties, and riding mowers will do, why not browse our collection of rare and lasting valuables in the display case that is our Summer 2014 issue.

We have prose and poems by Gene Berson, Sheila Black, K. T. Browne, Catherine Carson, J. D. DeHart, Catherine Doty, Stephen Dunn, Laura Eppinger, Raima Evan, Bill GIllard, Catherine Harnett, Anne Kaier, Edward Palumbo, Seema Reza, Dani Sandal, Jon Sindell, Dan Torday, Robin Turner and Lee Upton.

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June 21, 2014
Sean Finucane Toner
Robin Parks

Image of switchboard operator from the 1930s

Image by Martin Fisch, illustrating Stephen Dunn’s poem “Jane Austen in Egg Harbor.”