Re: Our Spring 2014 Issue…or…When Only a Palindrome Will Do

I could drop the names of the contributors to this issue (Terese Svoboda, David Simpson, Bernard Cooper, Mark Wisniewski, Zelda Lockhart, Walter Cummins, Duff Brenna, Dave Newman, Therése Halscheid, Anne Colwell, Kelley White, Dustin Beall Smith, Sara Michas-Martin, Steve Schutzman, Sharon Stephenson)…or not…either way, if you start with the first piece—Deborah Lott’s essay “The Elephant Girl”—or with the last piece—J.C. Todd’s poem “Where They Were Sent (1949)”—I hope you will end by saying “wow.”

—Sean Finucane Toner, Editor-in-Chief

Image by randychiu via Flickr Creative Commons

Image of switchboard operator from the 1930s

[Refer: I lifted this “refer“—a tribute to A.A. Milne—from the first essay of issue.]

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36 thoughts on “Re: Our Spring 2014 Issue…or…When Only a Palindrome Will Do

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